Root CA

What is the function of the Root certificate?

The RCAI Root certificate is at the root of trust for all signatures created under IT Act. It is used to verify the public key certificates of the Licensed CAs in India. The RCAI root certificate is a self-signed certificate.

Where do I get CCAs Root Certificate?

CCAs Root Certificate can be downloaded from CCAs web site

How do I verify the genuineness of the Root Certificates downloaded from the CCA site?

An out-of-band verification mechanism has been provided to get the thumbprint of the Root Certificate(s). An email sent to verifyroot [at] will get thumbprint of the Root Certificate returned automatically.

How do I get CRLs issued by Root CA?

The CRLs are published on the website,

What will happen if CCA’s website is down or not accessible?

One can send a mail to verifyroot AT to get the latest CRLs of CAs