Information technology act, 2000 provides the required legal sanctity to the digital signatures based on asymmetric crypto system. The digital signatures are now accepted at par with handwritten signatures and the electronic documents that have been digitally signed are treated at par with paper documents. The act provides the basic legal and administrative framework for e-commerce, and prompts its growth by creating trust in electronic environment. It is based on Model Law for e-commerce proposed by UNCITRAL with the following major concepts: Legal recognition of data messages, Writing Signature, Original, Admissibility and evidential weight of data message, retention of data message, Formation and validity of contracts, Recognition of parties by data message, Attribution of data message, Acknowledgement of receipt, Time and dispatch and receipt of messages.


    • Information Technology (Certifying Authorities), Amendment Rules 2011- 25 th October 2011(GSR 782(E) & GSR 783(E)-Standards (Hash & key Size), usage period of private keys, verification of Digital Signature Certificate
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    • Information Technology (Certifying Authorities) (Amendment) Rules, 2009 [GSR 566(E)-Hash Algorithms
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    • Instructions regarding applications of Section 35(3), Section 35(4) and Section 70(1) of Information Technology Act,2000
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    • Information Technology (Other Standards), Rules 2003- (GSR 903(E) -Standards to be Observed by the Controller)
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    • Application form for issue of Digital Signature Certificate for the category 'Individual' [GSR 285(E)]
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    • Information Technology (Qualification and Experience of Adjudicating Officers and Manner of holding Enquiry) Rules, 2003 [GSR 220(E)]
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    • Cyber Regulations Appellate Tribunal (Salary, Allowances and other terms and conditions of service of Presiding Officer) Rules, 2003 [GSR 221(E)]
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